About Us

Our Beginning

Since 2005, Hope House Miami has been providing transitional housing and various support services to homeless individuals and families for up to six months in order to facilitate their move to independent living. Jessie Guillaume, founder, had the vision to start Hope House Miami while serving as part of an outreach program that provided church sponsored meals and gift cards to men and women experiencing homelessness in the downtown Miami area.

During one of the Saturday outreach sessions she encountered a teenager who was afraid to return home after she was being raped by her father. This broke Jessie’s heart and she vowed that she would find property to help people who needed quick housing to create a sense of safety and stability. She persevered and purchased a property and with the help of a board of directors received a non-profit status for Hope House Miami in 2008.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat”

— Matthew 25:34

Who We Are

The services of the Hope Team continue to grow allowing for greater outreach to families and individuals experiencing homelessness. While each member of the team has special gifts to share, they all work well together as a small community serving the needs of the homeless with gratitude and compassion in the midst of their pain and vulnerability. The team includes Marcia McFarlane, Courtney Rivas, Vanessa Anderson,  Lera Miller,  Natasha Miller,   Marcia McFarlane,   Latoya  Goodman , Mike  Curzon  and  Dean Bailey along with Jessie Guillaume, founder and president. Jessie Guillaume works as a night security guard, teacher’s assistant

Our Mission

The mission of Hope House is to provide communities in South Florida with a growing homeless population access to services and supplies to alleviate the pressing short term housing needs of the homeless men and women in their area. Our work is about building stronger communities, neighborhoods, and lives, and we believe that outreach and engagement as well as access to resources and information to persons and families experiencing homelessness are a crucial aspect that work.

Through job training and other social programs, and the loving hands of a guidance team, Hope House is far more than a temporary transitional shelter. The Hope House team gives dignity, self-worth and confidence back to individuals broken and battered by life.

In a world where the homeless is sometimes invisible, the Hope House team is taking the time to really see and to engage the homeless living in the street, alleys and highway underpass. They recognize that each homeless person is a unique individual trying to survive another day, just as we all are. The Hope Project is making a real difference by actively going out every week to engage those living in the streets. As a result of their continuing efforts and persistence, where there once was a cry of loss, loneliness, and desperation, now shines a continual light of hope.

The selfless effort of the Hope Team continues to grow allowing for greater outreach. Jessie Guillaume, founder and president of Hope House Miami, works as a night security guard, teacher’s aide, and after school counselor. Jessie’s love of life is bringing hope to the homeless. She will wear any hat to help anyone. In an earlier interview she stated “I love those who are not lovable, I give to those who cannot give back and I help those who cannot help me back…that’s my life. I made that decision.”

I help those who cannot help themselves. I give to those who cannot give back and love the unloved.

Jessie Guillaume


To offer true friendship that will nurture each individual with inner peace and hope and share God’s gift with others
To be helpful and encouraging to the desperately needy – the battered and abused, the broken spirit, the financially broken, the lonely and scared.
To provide learning experiences that will develop knowledge and skills that could help start a new life.
To develop teamwork and the pleasure of cooperative effort as we instruct others to practice a healthy lifestyle and worthwhile tasks in the community.
To provide a place to go that will spring up feelings of relief, comfort, love, and social acceptance.

Board Members