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Our programs are aimed at improving the lives of those in need specifically in the areas of health, education, stability, and quality of life. Our aim is to share love, provide hope and care, and to bring people to the knowledge of Christ.

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Thanks to the Most High!

On behalf of Marlen's Rescue Mission Inc and Hope Ministry Project Inc we would like to thank ALL our donors for their contribution in making this year's "Goody Bag" distribution a huge succes. Over one hundred bags and a hot meal was served to the homeless population of Dade County on this the birthday of a son, brother and friend. You may have left us a bit toooo soon Marlen, but your memory will forever remain in our hearts.


December 11, 2022

 It’s time again to celebrate the memory of a son, brother and friend. On December 11, 2022 Marlen’s REscue Mission, Inc. and Hope projects Inc. will join forces to distribute  goody bags to the homelesspopulation of Dade County. The contribution of a blanket will allow us to adhere to our motto… Helping Oppressed People Everywhere. Blanket can be purchased through Walmart and sent my home address. Donations can be made here on our website or by contacting us via 

Hope Ministry 2022 Live Concert

Our Causes


Helping Oppressed People Everywhere.

Our Orphanage

In addition to providing the basic necessities for these orphan children, we are now able to assist them even after the government mandates them to leave the orphanage once they become young adults. Through the Future Hope Project, we are able to send young adults to the more stable Dominican Republic to pursue higher education which is the key to unlocking a brighter future.

Homeless Outreach

Through the weekly feeding program for homeless in Miami, we provide over 100 meals every week to those experiencing homeless people in Miami. We are building relationships with individuals and families through these efforts. We now have two families, one of which has 8 children and the other has 4 children, whom we sponsor and feed the homeless in Miami on a weekly basis.

Hope House

Once a facility that housed only male residents, we have now expanded to include family quarters. We have a 100% successful transition rate, in that none of the individuals or families we have provided support for return to homelessness.

Future Hope Project

Once our orphan children become young adults, they still require support if they are to survive and thrive. The Future Hope Project provides access to higher education in the Dominican Republic.

Hope Ministry 2022: AYear in Review

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HOPE Ministry Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose aim is to improve the lives of those in need— both domestically and abroad. Our programs are aimed at fighting the good fight in for the health, education, stability and a good quality of life for those most in need.

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Home For Homeless People

Hope Ministry Project Inc. program provides nutritious food and critical sustenance every week for those experiencing homelessness in South Florida.

Healthy Food

We help those who cannot help themselves. The residents of our transitional housing for those experiencing homelessness can count on healthy meals. Our orphans could never hope to grow strong without the nutritious food they receive at the orphanage.

Medical Assistance

Our work is ensuring that our orphan children in Haiti who have special medical needs receive the treatment and care they need to survive and thrive.


Without the orphanage in Haiti, these children would not have the means to attain an education. We ensure they have uniforms, school supplies and everything they need to secure a better future.